Personal Loans

Personal Loan Services From TruService

Personal loans are a good option when you don’t have collateral to borrow against. The funds can be used for just about anything, from consolidating credit card debt, going on vacation, or covering unexpected expenses. Need a new refrigerator or washer and dryer? TruService now offers appliance loans so you can get the cash you need at an affordable interest rate.

Get A Personal Loan Today

Repayment of debt becomes easier with fixed terms and interest rates, and you can ensure your payments are made on time with auto-draft from your TruService Community Federal Credit Union savings or checking account. Apply today!

Share Secured Loans

If you have a savings deposit that you would rather not touch, you can use it to secure a loan for you or a family member. This loan may be used to make sure you pay yourself back because your savings account is used as collateral. Members can apply for a shared secured loan by logging in to their NetBranch account.

Line of Credit

If you have credit card balances with high rates and full repayment is not in the foreseeable future, consider a Performance Line of Credit from TruService Community Federal Credit Union. These loans are perfect for specific purposes like consolidating your credit card balances to a lower rate, repairing your car, or upgrading your home furnishings. A line of credit is versatile because it can be used for just about anything!

Apply For A Line of Credit Loan

Talk to a loan specialist about a performance line of credit today by calling 501-225-3636 option 3, or apply online through your NetBranch account.

Credit Builder Loan

How To Build Credit With TruService

Looking to re-establish your credit? Maybe you’ve never had credit and need to build a credit history? A Credit Builder loan from TruService Community Federal Credit Union may be the perfect option for you. No funds are required to establish this loan, and no minimum credit score is required. You must maintain the loan for at least six months. Funds are advanced by the loan and secured until the loan is paid in full, providing a nest egg at the completion of the loan term, as well as an established credit history.

Start Building Your Credit Today!

To start building your credit,  submit an online application through NetBranch, or call 501-225-3636 option 3 and speak to a loan specialist.