Pre-Paid Debit Cards

VISA Prepaid Debit Card From TruService

With a TruService Community Federal Credit Union CUMONEY prepaid debit card, you control what you spend without the risk and worry of overdraft fees and embarrassing mistakes. The convenient online management tool lets you check the card balance, track spending, and reload funds directly onto the card from your TruService accounts. Best of all, this prepaid debit card offers all the protection and security features you’ve come to expect with VISA®.

Traveling internationally? The CUMONEY prepaid debit card is accepted worldwide with a transaction fee up to 1% of the transaction amount. You won’t find many prepaid cards out there that offer this great benefit.

To learn more, call us at 501-225-3636 option 2. Discover the added convenience and security of a prepaid debit card while staying within your spending limits.