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TruService CFCU has received notification from both members and non-members today regarding an email they received requesting credit and debit card information (see below). The email refers to the Target card breach and asks the receiver to verify their card has not been compromised by clicking a link. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK! If you do, you will be taken to a website that looks very much like the real TruService site but is not (see below). The bogus site asks you to enter all of your card information, including your PIN number. Be advised that TruService will never ask you to enter your credit or debit card information on our website or respond via email. You should also make it a practice to keep your PIN and CVV information private as these are important security measures used to keep your card accounts secure.

Rest assured that your account information has NOT been compromised. TruService has personally notified members affected by the Target breach by phone. If you received this bogus email and have already entered your card information, please contact TruService CFCU immediately at 501-225-3636 or 800-260-2299, or Card Services at 800-682-6075 after business hours.



Tap. Snap. Deposit.

TruDeposit offers the convenience of depositing a check anytime, anywhere from your smart phone. Click here for more information about this new service, or contact us at 501-225-3636, ext. 2

Accept payments Anytime, Anywhere with SpotPay

Your customers prefer the freedom and convenience of paying for products and services using their credit, debit or prepaid cards. SpotPay, offered by TruService Community Federal Credit Union (TSCFU), gives business owners the opportunity to accept payments using your mobile devices- anytime, anywhere.

SpotPay is fast, secure, and allows you to reach a whole new set of customers. SpotPay deposits all card and check transactions directly into your TSCFU account so you can access your funds faster.

Register for SpotPay today by clicking the link below, or at any TruService Community Federal Credit Union location, and watch your business and profitability grow.


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