TruStories of TruService

Story #219- Clovis Breedlove

Broken Truck Creates Lifetime Bond

When my truck’s transmission when out, and I learned that I was facing a large unexpected expense, I really didn’t know what to do. However, Budget Transmission had a partnership with TruService and the next thing I knew, I had a loan, a fixed vehicle and a credit union for life!

TruService stands by you...when you need a loan, a listening ear when you call, or just a friendly face when you walk in. Staff members are always kind, considerate and looking for ways to help you. They’re not just about banking transactions; they’re about you! That’s “My TruStory” about TruService!

Come to TruService to experience the same service levels as Clovis.

The loans you need. The service you want. The support your life demands—that’s the TruService difference. 


Member Testimonials


"I love banking small and local with TruService Credit Union. When I have an occasional banking hiccup, someone I know and trust answers the TruService phone and my issues are resolved quickly and locally. TruService knows that as a small business owner, I don’t have hours or days to spare working on a resolution."

- Sharon Woodson - Owner, Honey Pies